Speed to Proficiency: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Arie de Geus said, “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.” So why, twenty years later, is training still the first thing that financially strapped organizations cut? The answer is obvious – line of business managers do not see a clear line of sight from resourcing the training function to achieving top or bottom line goals.

Yet at the same time, leading edge enterprises are experiencing amazing learning results. Dr. Bruck has helped Fortune 500 companies to save – by their own estimates – hundreds of millions of dollars through thoughtfully designed and flawlessly executed initiatives.

In this informative and captivating presentation, Dr. Bruck shares his analysis about the root of the organizational training problem and gives practical guidance on how to translate learning investments into top line revenue and bottom line cost savings.

You will learn

  • The little known category error that has defocused corporate training since the advent of eLearning – and a simple way to avoid it.
  • The vital part that executive sponsors and first line managers play in continuous learning
  • How training, informal learning communities, and performance support systems form a three legged learning stool
  • The five key requirements for your learning technology, and what to do if your software doesn’t meet them

Transforming 20th Century Organizations with 21st Century Technologies

When people think of transformational technologies, they often think about what the next big thing will be. Make no mistake, identifying the technologies that will disrupt your industry and knowing when to jump are important strategic decisions. But focusing on tomorrow’s technologies is not enough.

The technologies currently being used in your organization are changing everything. They will have profound impacts on your operations, talent management, and possibly even what business you are in. Ride the wave of that change to achieve a competitive advantage. Ignore it at your peril.

In this informative and captivating presentation, Dr. Bruck provides valuable information about how today’s and tomorrow’s technologies are changing the very fabric of the workplace, and the organizational strategies that will provide a sustainable competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market.

You will learn

  • The four factors that work together to power transformation
  • How to profit from today’s technologies that you may be underutilizing
  • Tomorrow’s technologies that competitors are adopting today

Beyond the LMS: 21st Century Learning Systems

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There is an ever-increasing resistance to LMS-based eLearning within leading edge organizations. Learners are tired of sitting through 160 slides of content. Managers are tired of people taking eLearning and not having skills to do their job. Business owners are beginning to relegate eLearning to simple compliance (“so we can say we did it”) courses. They all have valid concerns.

In this interesting and informative webinar, you will learn how about how 21st century learning systems can:

  • Support true instruction, not just simple content presentation
  • Integrate coaching and OJT into the learning process
  • Go beyond multiple choice quizzes to assess the impact of learning on the job
  • Integrate social media in both formal and informal learning programs
  • Converge with knowledge management in creating performance support systems

Integrating Formal, Informal, and Just-in-Time Learning

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Today, learning professionals have so many tools in their toolbox, it’s hard to know when to use each! Blended learning, social learning, informal learning, performance support, rapid eLearning, coaching, on the job training, action learning - it’s enough to make your head spin!

In this interesting and informative webinar, you will learn a simple, easy to understand thinking framework that has produced million-dollar bottom line results for leading Fortune 500 companies. The Continuous Learning Model will show you:

  • How to weave social learning into your training programs
  • How to effectively blend learning modalities together
  • How to integrate performance support into training
  • When to use informal learning – and when not to

Six Secrets to Selecting the Right LMS

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Selecting an LMS is tough for one reason: You don’t do it every day, or even every year. Do it wrong and you may wind up with an LMS that works well for IT, but not for L&D, one that seemed great during the demos but doesn’t really work all that well for you, or a vendor that doesn’t provide the service you need.

In this interesting and informative webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate LMS pricing models
  • Creating effective functional requirements
  • Choosing an appropriate support package
  • Evaluating customization options
  • Considering vendor sustainability
  • Using the right evaluation & selection process

Maximize Speed to Proficiency with Knowledge Bases

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There has been a lot of talk over the years about the convergence of learning and knowledge management. In this presentation, Dr. Bill Bruck will provide a concrete example of how a Fortune 100 company used knowledge bases to minimize training time, contain costs, and improve productivity.

In this interesting and informative webinar, you’ll learn:

  • A practical example of a knowledge base in action
  • The functional requirements for knowledge bases
  • How to integrate a knowledge base with a learning initiative

Social Learning: Beyond the Hype

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There’s a lot of talk about social learning these days; everything from how informal learning will replace training to new “social learning management systems.” What can social learning really do for your organization, and how much of it is hype – the shiny object of the month?

In this interesting and informative webinar, you will learn how about how social learning has been used to create demonstrable 10x speed to proficiency, and the technologies and learning processes used to create these real world results. Learn:

  • How to leverage informal learning for results
  • What L&D can – and cannot – do to create communities
  • How to weave social learning into your blended learning programs
  • Why social networking systems don’t really cut it for L&D
  • What to look for in social learning software
Workshops and Concurrent Sessions

Professional Networking with Social Media

How can you, as a busy professional, use social media effectively? Should you have an account on established social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn? What about Google+, Pinterest, Tripit, and other newer ones? How can you deal with the overload of information, multitude of social media sites, and strangers wanting to connect with you? Should you maintain a blog? What personal information should you share?

Busy professionals know that some type of on-line presence is becoming more and more commonplace in today’s wired workplace. But the exact benefit they can produce, the risks they might pose, and the time investment they deserve are questions that need to be answered.

You will learn

  • To define actionable social media goals
  • How to budget your social media time
  • Which social networking sites can best meet your needs
  • What information to share
  • The rules of social media etiquette

Designing Blended Learning Programs

The promise is clear: Blended learning programs can combine the best aspects of instructor-led and web-based training with online coaching, performance support, and guided on-the-job practice, providing learners with a rich experience that impacts the bottom line in critical areas of the business.

The reality is often different. Initiative owners sometimes find themselves with a consultant’s one-off solution that doesn’t scale, features from content providers or LMS vendors that don’t translate to learning programs, and expenses that would fund small aircraft carriers.

Instructional designers must deeply understand the capabilities of various media and their implications for thinking differently about the learning enterprise. They must build a new skill set onto their existing knowledge of instructional design that can manifest itself in seamless learning experiences that transfer knowledge to on-the-job capabilities and performance improvement.

In this workshop, you will learn

  • How to think out of the WBT/ILT box in designing blended solutions and move from "training events" to "learning programs"
  • What the available media and supporting technologies for blended learning are
  • How to map media to learning objectives
  • How to analyze constraints and integrate them into program design
  • How to use online instructional design standards in creating effective blended learning
  • How to use an end-to-end methodology for effective program management
  • What the five critical roles in blended learning programs are and how they affect program design
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Bill Bruck provided highly current and applicable information about technology issues facing higher education and IT companies today. He did so in a manner that was clear and easily understood by all members of the audience. He was very well prepared with extensive research and his easy-going, thoughtful approach enabled the audience to relate his examples to their day-to-day life.
David Hansen, Datatel Corp.
Amazing! Most of us, in the learning and development area ready and study a lot. The reason why I loved the webinar was because you were able to approach many known subjects with a direct but fresh view. I was super engaged and while hearing the content was really thinking about things I could change in my job!
Ana Paula Cunha, Talent Management Consultant, Dell
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