Learning Solutions

Instructional Design

Dr. Bruck can utilize ADDIE, agile, and/or rapid eLearning approaches to design and develop eLeaning modules using Storyline, Presenter, Captivate, and Camtasia. eLearning modules can be designed using adaptive learning, software simulations, scenario-based designs and social simulations.

If you prefer live training, Dr. Bruck can develop instructor-led and virtual instructor led training, or blend eLearning, ILT, performance support, and social learning to create complete learning processes.

Training Needs Analyses

Are you rolling out a major learning initiative this year to enhance your onboarding process or your capabilities in critical areas such as sales, performance management, or operating models?

There are number of interacting factors that can make rolling out such a program career limiting or career defining for the initiative owner. That’s why using the Pareto 20/80 principle and investing the time and mind-share in a training needs makes so much sense.

Using a defined methodology based on the people/process/technology model, you will receive a findings report that identifies restraints and enablers in each of these areas, along with reconciling principles you can use to ensure that your learning initiative is a success.

Curriculum Development

As your mother told you, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you are converting content from PowerPoint or instructor-led training to eLearning, or if you need to roll out a major initiative for onboarding, sales training, leadership, or technical training, you may benefit from using a consultant who knows where the bear traps are and how to avoid them, in whaat can often be career defining initiatives.

In today's learning environment, training alone is often not the answer. Dr. Bruck can help you integrate social learning, mobile learning, blended learning, and performance support into your total learning solution. Dr. Bruck can help you develop you curricula, and designing a strategy for using various training modalities, prioritizing conversion and development, developing a timeline for the rollout, and estimating costs and levels of effort.

LMS Selection

Most groups charged with selecting a new LMS lack experience in the evaluation process. That’s natural, since implementers don’t purchase enterprise technology that often!

As an external consultant, Bill can help you analyze your technology needs, prioritize the critical ones, and write a focused set of functional requirements for your RFP.

Being familiar with both the current LMS functionality and many of the vendors, he can assist you in creating your initial vendor list, evaluating proposals, and creating use case scenarios to ensure that vendor presentations focus on your needs.

Functional Specifications

If you are planning to extend and enhance your current source code to add functionality for social learning, communities of practice, learning paths, or knowledge bases, Dr. Bruck can assist you in writing use cases that will identify the functions required by your learners and administrators, in ways that provide the necessary specificity to your software engineers.

Executive Coaching

If you are new to your role as Chief Learning Officer or L&D Director, you know that you need to be a leader, not just a manager. Leadership involves having a vision, creating a strategy to achieve it, motivating your staff and creating effective partnerships with peers.

This can be challenging, especially if the L&D has a history of being reactive v. proactive, delivering simple training courses rather than robust learning experiences, and not focusing on business results that speak to the C-suite.

Dr. Bruck can provide the executive coaching that will help make you – and your department – a success.

Bill represents the perfect combination of thought leadership with practical execution in the learning space. He is clever, thorough and focused on customer success. I can strongly recommend Bill and his company for helping to address learning and performance related requirements.
David Austin
CEO, Contextware
Bill has the uncanny ability to see the true business opportunities for social and collaborative learning within and across organizations.
Jim Breen
CEO, PulseLearning
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